Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Kellogg’s Focuses on Health Alternatives

One of Kellogg’s main goals is to stay ahead of the game with innovation. Recently, they’re following the health trend and finding ways to provide both children and adults healthy and innovative ways to consume food. In this article at, Kellogg’s reveals that they’ve invested $40 million in their Institute for Food and Nutrition Research in Michigan. In 2007, they saw 17% ($2 billion) of their net sales come from innovations that they had developed within the past three years.

So what are they doing to continue their innovation strategy? As the push for adults to lose weight and stay healthy continues, Kellogg’s is finding ways to provide them with healthy, tasty alternatives. They’ve added a pecan cinnamon flavor to their Special K line of cereal. As for the children, the push to have more nutritious cereals has led them to bring two new cereals to the market: Frosted Flakes Gold and Animal Planet Wild Animal Crunch, both of which have 10 grams of whole grain.

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