Thursday, June 5, 2008

Innovation Industry Break Points

A post at the Marketing and Strategy Innovation blog poses an interesting question: Can you create an industry break point with innovation? They point out that in order to do this, companies must be able to do several things:

1. To learn about the breakpoint potential in the industry and have a sense about when it will happen

2. Commit to making a quantum organizational change and

3. Have an economic engine (cash flow) to sustain the transformation.

With these things in mind, can your company actually create an industry break point? Idris Mootee, the author of this post, believes for the best results, it’s your front line employees that must be observant and take not as to what your customers want from your product on the market. They’re the ones who will see the chances at opportunities for you to innovate and bring that next big product to the market.

Have you ever seen this happen in your market? What’s the best example you’ve seen of a company making the break point with their innovations for a product?

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