Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Google’s CEO talks about Innovation

Browsing through the blogosphere I came across this article on freepress which highlights thoughts that Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt had on where companies must shift their focus in order to stay competitive.

According to Schmidt, industries must begin to “embrace a new online lifestyle”. He admits that even though most companies have already begun to adapt to this lifestyle, the internet is ever-changing and so businesses must move away from traditional computing. One reason that Google remains an innovative company is because of the open and free environment the company creates for its employees. Engineers are allowed to use 20 percent of their time to work on projects of their choosing. The projects worked on during this time tend to be some of Google’s most successful and innovative breakthroughs.

Companies can all take something from Google’s innovation plan. Create an environment where positive encouragement, collaboration, and a free flow of ideas are presented and performance should speak for itself.

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