Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Electric Car Innovation

With fuel prices surging out of control, General Motors has already closed four truck and SUV plants in the United States. It is also planning to discontinue the gas guzzling Hummer brand and instead focus on smaller automobiles. GM must step out from its current stream of bad luck and possibly look into new innovations in the electric car industry.

According to this latest Business Week article, Think Global, a Norwegian upstart, is planning to roll-out its Ox electric concept car in the United States. GM has had a rough start with its EV1 electric car program. There is still a mixed view in the United States. Electric cars are often seen as unsafe, small, and underpowered. Think Global wants to get rid of this common misconception of electric cars by breaking the mold. What separates this model from other electric cars is its Scandinavian design; it features clean uncomplicated lines and uncluttered surfaces. The end result is a sleek, sophisticated design.

Still, it will take time for the US market to catch onto as more and more green believers are slowly beginning to adopt these vehicles. Cutting-edge technology and innovation will continue to be a driving factor as Americans will look for a car that has some power behind it. Unless we can get a relatively cheap 200hp vehicle that is 100% emission free anytime soon, our wait time might be extended.

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Alastair said...

I had an idea. Instead of electric cars with internal batteries, it would save weight if the generators/batteries could be located in a fixed location (building) and the energy is transferred wirelessly by radiowaves or satellite to the car which receives the energy and inserts it into a motor. Each generator/battery could power 100 cars through a coded identification number. This would take out the need to recharge the battery within the car and save considerable weight. My email is Alonsodog06@yahoo.co.uk

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