Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Barack Obama and Innovation

In a recent post at NassbaumOnDesign, he pointed towards the speech Barack Obama gave at Google in November on his view of innovation and how he will change the innovation procedures of the USA, should he become the next American president.

Obama’s plans are extensive, many focusing around innovation and science to unlock the potential of our future. He looks to introduce technology into healthcare, use innovation to find a way for cleaner air in America, and a way to give young Americans the knowledge so that they can become tomorrow’s leaders in science and technology.

Other innovation goals outlined in his speech were:

--Free and open exchange of information on the internet

--Everyone have access to broadband internet

--Government data should be online for everyone so they can track the progress of what the government is doing, so that they can weigh in on legislation before it passes through the houses

--A Chief Technology Officer

--Double funding for science education

Obama looks to use innovation and technology to change the United States from the bottom up. He wishes to increase the funding to science education so this can happen, starting with today’s children. What are your views on how Obama is looking to change the innovation landscape of the United States?

Watch his speech below or here at YouTube:

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