Monday, May 5, 2008

FEI Speakers Around the Web

While browsing through my Google Reader today, I came across a few mentions of some of the keynote speakers we have at FEI Boston this year.

A.G. Lafley says innovation is the reason for its 8% increase in quarterly net profit from one year ago here in this Business Week article.

And here at Creativity and Innovation, they demonstrate how organizational learning leads to greater amounts of creativity in organizations. Deborah Ancona is mentioned in this article, noting that collaboration and looking to the outside world when working on group projects is vital for the most effective innovation.

The Front End of Innovation Conference is quickly approaching! Join us in Boston from May 19th through the 21st at the Boston World Trade Center and Seaport Hotel to hear these speakers give their insight on how they’ve brought innovation into key parts of their business.

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Keith Sawyer said...

Thank you, Jennifer, for linking to my blog post about innovation and learning. The FEI event looks fascinating and I am sure you will get a huge audience. Unfortunately I'm scheduled to do a keynote in Padua, Italy at that time.

I do a lot of keynote talks, based on the research in my new book, GROUP GENIUS: THE CREATIVE POWER OF COLLABORATION. I'd love to do a keynote, perhaps at your 2009 event.

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