Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Manage your way into innovation

If you’re a manager it’s your responsibility to foster a creative environment for your employees to begin to think of innovative ideas. In a recent post at The Heart of Innovation, they discuss the role the manager must take on in order to foster creativity in their department. Once a sense of creativity is found, fresh ideas and new innovation will follow.

Employees must feel empowered. Finding a way to make employees feel like they are empowered and can have fresh an idea is the way to increase creativity throughout the department. Once they feel like they may have the opportunity to make a difference, they will begin to come up with new ideas. Fostering a sense of openness and creativity is the only way for employees to feel like they will be able to make a difference. Give your employees the power to come up with new ideas. Some may be horrible, only one great idea is needed to strike gold.

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