Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Innovation in the Airline Industry

What is left to do when you own one of the most successful airlines in the United States? According to this article in the NY Times, Jet Blue founder David Neeleman has started up a new Brazilian airline that will offer the same bargain prices Jet Blue does. Mr. Neeleman is a Brazilian national, so it was only a matter of time that he branch out his successful strategy in booming global markets.

David has also invited the Brazilian population to suggest a name for the airline on Voce Escollhe site, which simply means you choose. The person who suggests the winning name receives free lifetime air travel. Now how’s that for an innovative way to get a name chosen!

Currently, domestic airline travel in Brazil is costly. There will be direct competition from other Brazilian airlines such as Gol and Tam. Will David’s new airline startup hold up in this growing market in Brazil?

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