Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Incremental Innovation: True Innovation?

Jeff Nolans’s latest article Incrementalism and “The New Thing” shows us how many startups are slowly succeeding by making incremental changes to what is already out there, instead of disruptive innovation. But, is making incremental improvements just a temporary fad? Will this latest trend last?

At this point, I agree with Tom Foremski from ZDNet. Tom explains on this follow up post to Jeff’s article that innovation must be disruptive, or else there is little chance for survival. An example he gives is the continuing minimum improvements made to web 2.0 technology. Surely, we have all seen different beta versions of applications, but is it genuinely innovative? My answer is no.

Silicon Valley has long been a center of true innovation, but with over 10,000 new startups building off the success of previous companies, it makes it that much harder to innovate. What new trends will emerge from Silicon Valley in the upcoming months?

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