Thursday, April 10, 2008

Dundalk: Innovating to be sustainable

In a New York Times article, they’ve shed light on Ireland’s initiative to turn natural elements into energy that can one day power all of Ireland. Dundalk is the spearhead of the energy project, testing ways Ireland can reduce its reliability on fossil fuels. As a result, they are constantly innovating to find new ways to power their town in other ways than electricity. It is hoped that is area of development, “The Sustainable Energy Zone,” will start as a local sustainability project and the project will grow to provide insite to power different regions around the city, and possibly one day, a national coverage of Ireland. The project is supported by Sustainable Energy Ireland.

The area is set up to support 30,000 people and has a variety of different things, such as a school house, a hospital, a hotel and other things can run off this sustainable energy. With this project, and others Sustainable Energy Ireland plans to have at least 20% of the renewable energy running businesses. A lot of the energy comes from wind, as Ireland has strong winds on the western coast.

This initiative, along with two others in Austria and Switzerland are focusing on generating energy from natural sources while creating little waste. The webpage for Sustainable Energy Ireland is here. Also, pictured above, is what the development looks like.

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