Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Speaker Profile: Peter Guber

This week, we’re introducing you to FEI Keynote speaker Peter Guber. The Front End of Innovation conference will be taking place May 19th thought 21st in Boston.

Peter Guber is the founder and chairman of Mandalay Entertainment Group. This multimedia group has produced many familiar films, such as Donnie Brasco, Seven Years in Tibet, Enemy at the Gates and I Know What You Did Last Summer. Mandalay also produces television shows and controls sports teams. It’s most recent acquisition was Twist Box Entertainment. With this acquisition, Twist Box will become their foundation for a new global source to operate interactive as well as mobile offerings. (Source: Variety)

Peter Guber attended Syracuse University before going on to attend New York University and receiving a law degree. It was at this point that Columbia Pictures pursued Guber for a job. In 1976 he cofounded Casablanca Records. In 1988 when Columbia Pictures was acquired by Sony, he quickly increased Sony’s share in movie production (17% in the 90s), which included nine movies that grossed over $1 million. It was at this point, in 1995, that he turned his sights elsewhere and started Mandalay Entertainment Group. Guber is also a professor at the UCLA School of Theater (Source: AMC).

Here is a link to an interview at Stumped Magazine with Peter Guber where he discusses his feelings on the film industry and how he personally manages his projects, as well as the benefits to creativity and risk.

Come see this innovative speaker present “Ah ha! The MAGIC to success” at the Front End of Innovation conference! Next week we will profile Gunter Pauli, founder and director of Zeri.

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