Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Speaker Profile: Gunter Pauli

Gunther Pauli will be joining with Jaine Benyus for a keynote presentation called “Inspiration for Innovation: Learning from Nature,” at this year’s Front End Of Innovation conference this May 19th through 21st in Boston.

On April 4, 1994, Gunter Pauli created Zeri, short for Zero Emissions Research and Initiatives. It was founded to bring intelligent innovative people, such as scientists, business people, and educators together to figure out how to create zero emissions when producing products. These creative minds are coming together to produce items without any emission at all, leading to no pollution and sustainable solutions that provide more jobs without reducing revenue. An essential part of all of this is every procedure used is sustainable by the environment of the plant.

Pauli was involved with the production of the world’s first sustainable factory. The ECover factory was built in Belgium, and has a grass roof, water treatment systems and is powered by solar and wind energy. It produces environmentally friendly products that cause no harm to the person or the environment.

Here are some of the case studies Zeri has produced on sustainable manufacturing processes: Beer, Reforestation, and Asphalt.

In a recent article at CNN, they address Pauli’s role in the development of a forest in Columbia. The new ecosystem they’ve created here is called Gaviotas II. Here, scientists have recreated the rainforest from what was once dirt and grass. The habitat is also self sufficient, producing its own energy and hot water. Pauli’s main reason for helping with this initiative is to show other third world countries that they don’t have to rely on other countries for oil, but instead they can produce the things they need by themselves.

We hope you join us for the exciting keynote presentation from Gunter Pauli at the Front End of Innovation Conference. Next week, we’ll be profiling Janine Benyus, who will be presenting with Gunter Pauli.

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