Monday, March 24, 2008

Mobile Broadband Innovation

The one thing that angers me most when I try to browse the internet on my Blackberry is the slow internet speed. What if something could be done to accelerate the user experience? This latest article on CNet unveils Google’s plan to have the American population browsing the internet on mobile handheld devices at “gigabits per-second speeds by the 2009 holiday season”.

Along with other giants like Dell and Microsoft, they are now battling to gain rights to unused broadcast TV channels that we know as “white spaces”. The reason for this is because these channels can support bandwidths and transfer data faster than most ISPs out there now. Google calls this “Wi-Fi on steroids”.

If this plan is approved and rolls out in 2009, what does this mean for consumers?

The buyer will have faster access to the mobile internet, in more locations than ever. Even if the FCC does not allow for mobile devices to access these “white spaces”, it will not stop others from entering this realm. The consumer demand for faster broadband connectivity on mobile devices will drive innovation to new heights. Google has just started to break this barrier, when will other companies follow?

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