Thursday, March 13, 2008

Medication calls for Innovation

Did you know that people forgetting to take their medication costs the US government $177 billion dollars a year? One of the big issues between the democratic presidential candidates is the cost of health care. It could go down if little things like this decreased. As pointed out by Innoblog, there are many ways to solve this problem. There are the daily vitamin boxes, a nurse to remind you, or even electronic pill boxes that notify someone when to take their meidicine.

But the best result they’ve found so far is the Patra’s myonePac. In this simple innovative packaging, that may be available at your local pharmacy, a clear plastic pack is created with the date, time, and dosages for all prescriptions that are sealed in the pack.

I think this packaging is innovative for a number of reasons. The obvious, is it will help people take all their medicine at the allotted time. Since the packaging is small, they have the ability to keep it their pockets. Another reason is that the innovators made the packaging small. No hustles with huge bottles that people with arthritis will have trouble opening, but just a simple tear and all of the medicine is there. Most of all, Petra’s making it available to the public easily. Since patients get this from their local pharmacy, the pharmacist will know who requires what medicine, and will know the needs of their patients.

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