Friday, March 14, 2008

Keeping Up With the High Speed Environment

In a recent article called “Winning in chaos: Be consistent & coherent as a brand” in the Economic Times, Gopal Vittal comments on the innovation in the changing environment of the telecom industry. In this speedy industry, there are many things that are fast paced about the industry such as the quick planning cycles, the speed of the industry itself, and the dramatic change of the new customers entering the industry.

So how do you innovate to keep up with a high speed environment such as the telecom industry? You keep customer centricity at the top of all priorities, and you must face that the innovation cycle will probably be cut relatively short, having to alter after you’ve already released it to the market. Why? Innovative products need to be released to the telecom industry market approximately every three months.

To successfully innovate in this environment, Vittal says that several things are critical:

--An innovation culture that is open, non-judgmental and allows for quick prototyping

What other things to do see as vital to keep a fast moving innovative environment moving in your company?

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