Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Drastic Expectation and Innovation

In a recent post at BQF Innovation, Paul Sloan notes that the only way for drastic innovation to take place in the work place is to set standards for revenue in the workplace drastically high.

Usually managers set goals for their performance that they know they can achieve, such as a 5% to 6% profit increase. This can usually happen by modifying current projects a little bit and increasing the profit. Does this result provide ways to innovate? No. By setting normal standards, workers will continue to work as they have with no incentive to innovate.

So how does this get fixed? Expectations must be raised. Far fetched goals must be set. If the manager pushes his/her employees towards goals, they will be achieved. An environment of expectations must be pushed on an organization in order to see results. The challenge to increase revenue will provide a difference for your company.

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