Friday, February 29, 2008

Oklahoma: The Sooner State……Or is that the Creativity State?

In a recent blog post at Creativity and Innovation blog, they recently posted on one state’s mission to become known as The Creativity State. When one thinks of the state of Oklahoma, that’s not usually what comes to mind, usually it’s football, tornadoes, cowboys, or vast amounts of land. That will be no more if the Governor Brad Henry has can change the course of his state. This initiative is not only supported by the governor, but also the businesses and schools of the state. Sir Ken Roberts is the brain behind project, which focuses on creativity in schools, businesses and the culture of the state. They believe that if creativity is started from a young age, their state has the opportunity to flourish.

According to the Creativity Project webpage, the goals for the project are:

1. To leverage existing creativity and elevate the creative potential of Oklahomans;
2. To empower all Oklahomans to develop their capacity for creativity and innovation;
3. To facilitate the growth of an entrepreneurial economy that will stimulate new careers,
companies and industries; and
4. To facilitate the further development of world-class cultural and educational opportunities.

Check out the official State of Creativity webpage here. This project amazes me. I think that it will get more recognition as time goes on, because look at all the minds that are working together to create something great. What do you think?


Mark said...

Reading about Oklahoma reminds me that one of the world's top innovators, Prof Arthur vanGundy, is based in OK - his profile is available here. He recently published an excellent book, a vital one for the front-end of innovation, on the importance of posing quality challenges. The book is called:

Getting to Innovation: How Asking the Right Questions Generates the Great Ideas Your Company Needs

and of course, is available at Amazon amongst other find providers of books.

And finally, for full disclosure, Andy interviewed me and my company, Imaginatik and there are some case studies on our customers and approach in the book :)

Jennifer said...

Hi Mark –

Thanks for reading our blog! Thanks for the input as well, it’s great we can put an innovator’s face with the project they’re putting together in Oklahoma.


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