Friday, February 22, 2008

How do you stay ahead?

In a recent post at Jim Carol’s blog, he lists steps and ideas to stay ahead of the global innovation game.

--Adjust to rapidly evolving markets—Every company and organization is involved in this. Not only pharmaceuticals, but management firms, accounting firms, entertainment companies are all included. You have to always be looking ahead to see what you can come up with.

-- Re-align for new workforce realities – The world’s workforce is becoming more and more specialized. The internet now allows us to explore that with extreme depth. So, get the workers that know about your field and can come into your corporation and give you the extra edge.

-- Jump on rapidly emerging trends – Because of the “global infinite idea loop,” ideas today start faster than ever before. These ideas grow fast. The time it takes the product to get to the customers is very small because of the world wide communication loop. Get in it and stay on top of your product.

-- Track the impact of fast-science on product innovation – Get into the collaboration loop. It’s world wide, work with others to come up with ideas that will help you get to your customer.

--Generate ideas through general collaboration – Instead of resisting the change of the coming generations, listen to them. They’ll be your future customers, get a head start and start innovating for them now.

--Streamline process – Organize your company for a rapid process. This is so when you get the ideas, they can be quickly developed and everyone in your company will have their job to make your company move faster.

--Continue to innovate in a time of stress – You’re an innovative organization. Even in a time of economic hardship, you’re looking for the future. Keep innovating like you are.

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